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Undergraduate contributions set bat studies aloft

Brown undergraduates have made key contributions to two recent studies of bats in flight. Read more

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Study illustrates the might of a tiny lizard

Researchers develop single-step test for HIV mutations

Bright screens at night makes for poor sleep quality in young teens

Study: Predators are sensitive to climate change

Scientists, families build community around Christianson Syndrome

Citrus increases light sensitivity

Nobel laureates, scholars to deliver lectures on the future of computation

Tapeworm drug could treat MRSA

Findings broaden understanding of COPD

Scott P. Bruder, MD, PhD ’84 receives AIMBE’s highest honor

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Research Grants and Publications

Kim Boekelheide, PhD

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

A $10.8 million grant renewal from National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences will fund further studies of contaminated sites around Rhode Island.

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Daniel M. Weinreich

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Daniel M. Weinreich received $750,000 for “Collaborative Research: Risk and Reward of High Mutation Rate: Why Large Populations Favor Mutators While Small Populations Inhibit Them” from the National Science Foundation.

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Mark Johnson, PhD

Department of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Biochemistry

Mark Johnson, associate professor of biology, has joined a 3-year, $2.9-million study that will investigate fertility evolution in flowering plants.

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