Concentrations in the Biological Sciences

Student taking notes during class

There are a variety of standard and interdisciplinary programs offered in the Biological Sciences. The standard programs in Biology are designed to provide both the breadth necessary for an appreciation of the diversity and unity that characterize living beings, and the opportunity for focusing in a sub-discipline within biology.

Many of the creative developments in contemporary science derive from the interplay between biology and other disciplines. Concentrations which involve an interdisciplinary approach include: the Health and Human Biology program, which draws on relationships between biology and the social sciences by emphasizing social, behavioral, environmental and health themes, and highlights these themes by encouraging coursework in public health, anthropology, psychology; cognitive science, sociology, environmental studies and more; Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Marine Biology, Biophysics, Applied Mathematics-Biology, Neuroscience, Computational Biology and Biomedical Engineering.

Concentration planning begins here: Declaring the Concentration.