Day In Life Program

The Day in the Life Program offers undergraduates opportunities for short-term JOB SHADOWING with professional hosts in fields of interest for students in the life sciences.

Note: Some physicians and hospitals may require clearance via their Human Resources offices. As with this program as a whole, all arrangements and such matters must be undertaken directly by the student with the host.

The Biology Undergraduate Affairs office is not involved in arranging contacts and introductions with the host but only provides this listing as a courtesy service.

LOCAL program: Hosts for the Local program are affiliated with Brown associated hospitals, or are practitioners/professionals in the RI area. Opportunities are usually single days, although this may be extended by consent of the host.

NATIONAL program: Hosts for the National program are Brown alumni who have volunteered to do this. Shadowing a Brown Bio alum at work is a great way to spend a few days during winter or spring break or during the summer, if there are hosts in your hometown.

The list of LOCAL hosts is below, but the detailed contact information, and the NATIONAL hosts information is found in binders at the Office of Biology Undergraduate Affairs, Room 124, Arnold Lab (91 Waterman Street). Hours are 8:30-5:00, M-F, and materials may be used on a walk-in basis.

These programs are a great way to get a taste of the lifestyle and challenges in many fields that may interest the Biology concentrators.

Local Hosts

NameSort by SpecialitySort by Location
Abbott, JinnetteCardiologyRIH
Abrams, KenVeterinary MedicineWarwick
Abuelo, DiannePediatricsRIH
Abuelo, GaryNephrologyRIH
Alvarez, AntonioDiagnostic ImagingRIH
Anderson, AngelaPediatricsRIH
Anthony, DavidFamily MedicineMemorial
Arvin, KaraPediatricsMass General
Barroeta, JulietaPathologyW & I
Becker, BruceEmergency MedicineRIH
Bliss, JosephPediatricsW & I
Boland, RobertPsychiatryMiriam
Bourjeily, GhadaPulmonaryProvidence
Braman, SidneyPulmonaryRIH
Brown, WilliamPediatricsRIH
Burke, RobertPediatricsMemorial
Buxton, AlfredCardiologyRIH
Cady, BlakeOncologyProvidence
Caldamone, AnthonyPediatricsRIH
Cannistra, LauralynCardiologyMemorial
Carpenter, LindaPsychiatryButler
Carr, StephenOB/GYNW & I
Carskadon, MaryPsychiatryBradley
Chen, KennethObstetric MedicineW & I
Chin, EugeneSurgeryRIH
Chodobska, JoannaClinical NeurosciencesRIH
Chun, ThomasPediatricsRIH
Cielo, DeusNeurosurgeryRIH
Cioffi, WilliamSurgeryRIH
Creo, AnaEndocrinologyProvidence
Cu-Uvin, SusanInfectious DiseaseMiriam
Daillaire, AimeePhysical TherapyProvidence
Dennehy, PenelopePediatricsRIH
DePalo, VeraPulmonaryMemorial
DiMeo, DavidVeterinary MedicineCranston
Dobrilovic, NickSurgeryRIH
Donoghue, JohnNeuropathologyRIH
Ducoff, RobertDentistryProvidence
Dupuy, DamianDiagnostic ImagingRIH
Dworkin, LanceNephrologyRIH
Eaton, CharlesFamily MedicineMemorial
Edstrom, LeePlastic SurgeryProvidence
Eisen, JanePsychiatryButler
Ellsworth, PamelaUrologyProvidence
Esposti, SilviaGastroenterologyW & I
Fearon, DeirdreEmergency MedicineHasbro
Feit, LloydPediatricsCoro
Flanagan, PatriciaPediatricsRIH
Flanigan, TimothyInfectious DiseaseMiriam
Flynn, MaryNutritionMiriam
Fox, SarahOB/GYNW & I
Francis, GretaPsychiatryBradley
Friedman, JosephNeurologyMemorial
Frishman, GaryOB/GYNW & I
Gifford, DavidPublic HealthProvidence
Gil, HollyDiagnostic ImagingEast Providence
Gilchrist, JamesNeurologyProvidence
Gnepp, DouglasSurgeryRIH
Gohh, ReginaldRenal MedicineRIH
Gopalakrishnan, GeethaEndocrinologyRIH
Gordon, NormanNeurologyProvidence
Gordon, PaulCardiologyMiriam
Granai, C.O.OB/GYNProvidence
Graves, TheresaSurgeryRIH
Green, AndrewOrthopaedicsProvidence
Greenblatt, SamuelNeurosurgeryMemorial
Harel, ZeevHasbroPediatricsHasbro
Harrington, DavidSurgeryRIH
Harrington, ElizabethResearchVAMC
Hixson, DouglasOncologyRIH
Hu, SusieInternal MedicineRIH
Hulstyn, MichaelSports MedicineRIH
Jagminas, LudiEmergency MedicineRIH
Jenny, CarolePediatricsHasbro
Katz, AlanCardiologyMiriam
Kelly, DonPhysical TherapyWarwick
Kiessling, L.PediatricsMemorial
Klinger, JamesPulmonaryRIH
Kobayashi, LeoEmergency MedicineProvidence
Kohn, RobertPsychiatryButler
Kornwitz, NormanOrthopaedicsWarwick
Korry, BarbaraVeterinary MedicineWarwick
Kurkchubasche, ArletSurgeryProvidence
L'Europa, RobertPhysical TherapyCranston
Lambert-Messerlian, GeralynPathologyW & I
Legare, RobertHematologyW & I
Leslie , HeatherResearchBrown University
Levy, MitchellPulmonaryRIH
Linakis, JamesEmergency MedicineProvidence
Lockhart, GregoryEmergency MedicineRIH
Lombardi, Anthony, Jr.Internal MedicineCranston
Lu , QingResearchBrown University
Luks, FrancoisPediatricsRIH
Mainiero, MarthaDiagnostic ImagingRIH
Mandelbaum, DavidNeurologyRIH
Marcaccio, EdwardSurgeryVAMC
Mazer, JeffInternal MedicineProvidence
McGarvey, StephenEpidemiologyMiriam
McKendall, GeorgeCardiologyRIH
McNicoll, LynnGeriatric MedicinePawtucket
Mega, AnthonyOncologyMiriam
Melnick, DonnaPhysical TherapyWarwick
Mermel, LeonardInfectious DiseaseRIH
Mileno, MariaInfectious DiseaseMiriam
Miller, MargaretInternal MedicineW & I
Miller, Mary AnnePrimary CareProvidence
Morrissey, PaulSurgeryRIH
Moss, StevenGastroenterologyRIH
Moulton, AnthonySurgeryProvidence
Muglia, JennieDermatologyRIH
Myers, DeborahOB/GYNProvidence
Nici, LindaPulmonaryRIH
Nillni, EduardoEndocrinologyRIH
Nothnagle, MelissaFamily MedicineMemorial
Owens, JudithPediatricsRIH
Padbury, JamesPediatricsW & I
Pagidas, KellyOB/GYNW & I
Palmisciano , LynneEmergency MedicineProvidence
Parker, SusanOrthopaedicsProvidence
Patterson, RobertSurgeryMiriam
Phornphutkul, ChanikaPediatricsRIH
Pinar, HalPediatricsW & I
Powrie, RaymondInternal MedicineW & I
Pricolo, VictorSurgeryRIH
Quddus, M. RuhulPathologyW & I
Ramsden, JillVeterinary MedicineProvidence
Reich-Cooper, MaryAdministrationProvidence
Rich, HarlanGastroenterologyProvidence
Ridlen, MarkDiagnostic ImagingRIH
Robbins , AdamResearchProvidence
Rogg, JeffreyDiagnostic ImagingRIH
Rosene-Montella, KarenOB/GYNW & I
Rosengard, CynthiaInternal MedicineRIH
Ryder , BethSurgeryAlpert Medical School
Salloway, StephenNeurologyButler
Sampath, PrakashNeurosurgeryProvidence
Sanchez-Esteban, JuanPediatricsW & I
Sanders, JenniferEndocrinologyRIH
Savitt, DanEmergency MedicineRIH
Schiffman, FredInternal MedicineMiriam
Shalon, LindaPediatricsRIH
Sharkey, KatherineInternal MedicineBradley
Sherman, CharlesPulmonaryMiriam
Sigman, MarkSurgeryRIH
Sikov, WilliamHematologyMiriam
Silverblatt, FredInfectious DiseaseVAMC
Slaiby, JeffreySurgeryProvidence
Snelling, LindaPediatricsRIH
Soares, GregoryDiagnostic ImagingRIH
Sparhawk, DanaOccupational MedicineWarwick
Steinhoff, MargaretPathologyW & I
Stoeckel, MarieOccupational MedicineProvidence
Stonestreet, BarbaraPediatricsW & I
Stopa, EdNeuropathologyRIH
Stout, RobertPsychiatryButler
Stroud, LauraPsychiatryProvidence
Sucov, AndrewEmergency MedicineRIH
Summerhill, EleanorPulmonaryMemorial
Suner, SelimEmergency MedicineRIH
Sung, C. JamesPathologyProvidence
Tantravahi, UmadeviPathologyW & I
Tashima, KarenInfectious DiseaseMiriam
Taylor, JulieFamily MedicineMemorial
Trafton, PeterOrthopaedicsRIH
Valente, JonathanEmergency MedicineRIH
Vandenburgh, HermanPathologyMiriam
VanVleet, MarciaPediatricsW & I
Veloso , ChristinaAnesthesiologyProvidence
Vezeridis, MichaelSurgeryProvidence
Vohr, BettyPediatricsW & I
Ward, NicholasPulmonaryRIH
Weiss, Arnold-PeterSurgeryProvidence
Welch, JenniferHematologyRIH
Wheeler, CarolOB/GYNW & I
Williams, DavidCardiologyRIH
Wu, Wen-ChihCardiologyVAMC
Young, CarolynTransfusion MedicineProvidence
Zienowicz, RichardPlastic SurgeryRIH
Zimmerman, MarkPsychiatryRIH