Office of Biology Undergraduate Education

Provides comprehensive ADVISING services and is a center and clearinghouse for programming and curriculum in Biological Sciences. Our staff is dedicated to providing services to students at Brown via information, advising and resources.

  • - Information to help you decide among the various programs
  • - Course and program advising for all levels of students, including advisory assignments
  • - Designing your academic program; what classes to take and when; developing concentration plans
  • - Consultation for study abroad/away; research and career opportunities


  • Katherine Smith, Interim Associate Dean of Biology
    • AB-ScB Biology & Health and Human Biology
  • Richard Bungiro, Academic Advisor
    • AB-ScB Biology
  • Sarah Taylor, Academic Advisor
    • AB-ScB Biology



    • Beverly Skillings, Program Coordinator

      • Honors program coordination
      • Resource materials
      • Curriculum management
    • Michelle Leiber, Office Coordinator

      • Registrations for BIOL 1950/1960
      • Scheduling appointments



The Biology Curriculum Committee is the group that oversees curricular development, programs, new courses and policies that govern our concentration programs. This group is comprised of faculty representatives from the Biology departments, and student representatives.

Suggestions or questions for the Committee may be submitted at this link, here.