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David Berson

David Berson

Professor of Medical Science

Department: Neuroscience

Phone: 401-863-2555

Phone 2: 401-863-7751


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Sidney Frank Hall, Room 472 - 863-2555/7751

Research Summary

We explore the structure and function of ganglion cells, the retinal neurons that communicate directly with the brain. There are more than a dozen types of ganglion cells. Each has anatomical and physiological features matched to the requirements of specific visual behaviors. We recently discovered a bizarre new type that is a true photoreceptor, responding directly to light like a rod or cone. These cells synchronize the biological clock and constrict the pupil. We seek to understand how these cells work and how their signals are used by the brain.

Past or Present Projects Available:

Immunoshistochemistry;electrophysiology;confocal microscopy.