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Mark Bertness

Mark Bertness

Robert P. Brown Professor of Biology

Department: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Phone: +1 401 863 2280

Email: Mark_Bertness@Brown.EDU

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Walter Hall, Room 201 - 863-2280

Research Summary

The research is focused on marine ecology and conservation biology.

Past or Present Projects Available:

Most recently we have done research to incorporate the role of positive interactions and foundation species into conservation and management of coastal ecosystems.

Variation in direction of density dependence across an environmental gradient on New England cobble beaches; The scent of a predator: The effects of chemical threats on shell selection in hermit crabs, Pagurus samuelis and Pagurus hirsutiusculus; The cryptic invasion of Phragmites australis in Southern New England Salt Marshes; The dynamics of bottom-up and top-down controls in a new England Salt Marsh; Effects of drought, entropication and consumer pressure on New England salt marsh structure; The effect of water column dissolved organic matter on coral microbial populations; Who wins the food fight? Inter-and intraspecific competition between two species of apple snails; Substrate effects on Sesarma reticulatum population, herbivory, and behavior in Cape Cod salt marshes; The effects of ocean acidification on shellfish larval development; Is overfishing triggering the die-off of New England marshes?; The effects of a thermal gradient on the population genetic structure of Nucella lappius of North Atlantic; Population ecology of the marine gastropod Hexaplex princeps in the Galapagos Islands; Flowering Patterns of Spartina alterniflora transplants in a New England Salt Marsh; The tropic role of sea stars in the Galapagos Marine Reserve; Heterogeneity of root distribution and biomass allocation in Spartina alterniflora within a New England salt marsh