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Laurent Brossay

Laurent Brossay

Charles A. & Helen B. Stuart Associate Professor of Medical Science

Department: Molecular Microbiology & Immunology

Phone: +1 401 863 9645

Phone 2: +1 401 863 9645


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BioMed Center, Room 618 - 863-9645

Research Summary

Understanding the molecular mechanisms controlling the activation of both NK and NK T cells.

Past or Present Projects Available:

Role of the inhibitory receptor KLRG1 in tumor immunoevasion; Investigating the immuno-regulatory role of natural killer T-cells during the adaptive immune response to MCMV; Roles of NK receptors on NK and NK T cell; Role of NK T cells in the response to infectious agents; The effect of MCMV on E-cadherin expression; Role of Celluar Phosphatases in iNKT Cell Development and Function: Acute stage Toxoplasma gondii infection in mice induces organizational damage in splenic lymphoid architecture; Effects of I57 leader pepitide on LY49H mediated NK cell responses; Effect of Type I IFN Signaling on NK Cell Development and Function