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Robbert Creton

Robbert Creton

Associate Professor of Medical Science (Research)

Department: Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, & Biochemistry

Phone: 401-863-9646


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Sidney Frank Hall, Room 127 - 863-9646

Research Summary

The role of embryonic calcium signaling in brain development and behavior, using zebrafish as a model system.

Past or Present Projects Available:

Mechanisms that influence proper left-right asymmetry in the brain and heart from within the Dorsal Forerunner cells; Calcium-dependent molecular mechanisms control fluid flow in Kupffer's vesicle and brain lateralization in zebrafish; The role of calcium binding proteins calmondulin and calreticulin in development; Role of calreticulin in vesicle formation and LR assymetry in zebrafish; Techniques in bioimaging: mastering the theory and practice; The role of calcium in zebrafish embryonic development; Effects of calcium modulators on the left-right asymmetries of the brain; Effects of thapsigargin on zebrafish embryonic development; automated behavioral analysis of zebrafish; The effect of calcium modulators in anxiety-related behavior; Olfactory Communication in Dogs; Effects of embryonic exposure to calcium modulators on zebrafish avoidance behavior