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Justin Fallon

Justin Fallon

Professor of Medical Science

Department: Neuroscience

Phone: +1 401 863 9308

Email: Justin_Fallon@Brown.EDU

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Sidney Frank Hall, Room 358 - 863-9308/9307

Research Summary

Lab has two major interests. Duchenne muscular dystrophy strikes one in 3,000 boys. We are currently working to translate our basic science findings into a novel treatment for Duchenne's patients. Second, how do we learn, and why are we so good at it when we are young? Using Fragile X mental retardation as a model, we seek to understand how ephemeral episodes of experience are transformed into stable changes in synaptic architecture and efficacy.

Past or Present Projects Available:

Our lab has two major interests: Duchenne's muscular dystrophy and the learning process