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Roberta Goldman

Roberta Goldman

Clinical Professor of Family Medicine

Department: Family Medicine

Phone: +1 401 729 2924


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Memorial Hospital, 111 Brewster St, Pawtucket, RI

Research Summary

Multi-method qualitative research with immigrants and minority populations, low income, low literacy, and the elderly in the areas of health disparities, women's health and aging, memopause, physician-patient communication, access to care, cancer and cancer prevention, medication safety, and cardiovascular disease prevention. Role of technology in culture change, and the use of e-health to address information and disease prevention needs for hard to reach populations.

Past or Present Projects Available:

Health in the homeless population in Providence; Domestic violence in Bolivia; Mexican American immigrants' health status in Rhode Island; Health care access for Guatemalan Mayan immigrants in Indiantown, Florida; Health beliefs and behaviors among pregnant Dominican and Puerto Rican women; Cultural competency among medical students; Structural analysis of access to health care for Dominicans prior to and following immigration to Rhode Island; Barriers to health care for the homeless in RI and surrounding areas: access to health care information; Health and Homelessness: Dissemination of information about health care among homeless people in Providence and surrounding areas, and its effect on health; Taking Care: Care Coordination and the Patient-Centered Medical Home