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Philip Gruppuso

Philip Gruppuso

Professor of Pediatrics

Department: Bio Med Pediatrics

Phone: +1 401 444 5504

Email: Philip_Gruppuso@Brown.EDU

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MD - RI Hospital - 444-5504

Research Summary

Our laboratory focuses on the regulation of normal and abnormal cellular growth. We use liver as the model tissue for our studies. We rely on animal models, cell culture, and human tissue. We study control of fetal growth, tissue regeneration, and tissue injury, including injury that can lead to cancer. Our goals are to understand how nutrition and other environmental factors affect cell growth, and to develop cell-based therapeutic approaches suitable for liver diseases, including cancer.

Past or Present Projects Available:

Signal transduction mechanisms in the regulation of cell growth; Regulation of fetal hepatic growth; Kinetic analyses of fetal hepatocyte growth in culture; Ontogeny of the expression of cell cycle inhibitory proteins