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Diane Lipscombe

Diane Lipscombe

Professor of Neuroscience

Department: Neuroscience

Phone: +1 401 863 1092

Phone 2: +1 401 863 1054

Email: Diane_Lipscombe@Brown.EDU

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Sidney Frank Hall, Room 456 - 863-1092/2615

Research Summary

Interested in the cellular mechanisms used to optimize calcium ion channel function. Calcium ion channels regulate many critical neuronal functions including transmitter release, nerve growth, and synaptic plasticity. Our current research focus is on cell-specific alternative splicing in the mammalian nervous system. We study cellular mechanisms that control calcium channel function in normal as well as in disease states, including chronic pain and mental illness.

Past or Present Projects Available:

Studies of neuronal calcium channels; Properties of N, L, and T-type voltage-gated Ca 2+ channels in sympathetic neurons of adult vertebrates; Analysis of gating modes of N-type calcium channels of sympathetic neurons; Proteomic and Biochemical Analysis of Cav2.2 Ubiquitination