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Edith Mathiowitz

Edith Mathiowitz


Department: Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology & Biotechnology

Phone: +1 401 863 1358

Email: Edith_Mathiowitz@Brown.EDU

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BMC, Room 395 - 863-1358

Research Summary

Developing oral bioadhesive delivery systems for proteins and genes, microencapsulation of proteins and genes, and tissue engineering of vascular grafts

Past or Present Projects Available:

The design of biodegradable 3-dimensional protein-releasing scaffolds for use in tissue engineering; Oral microsphere drug delivery systems; Investigate release of growth factors from biodegradable polymer scaffolds; Developing assays to test drug delivery of encapsulated growth factors to regenerate compromised collagen tissue; Fabrication and characterization of a novel bioadhesive polymers and their effects on microparticle uptake in the small intestine; The place of drug delivery in the release of therapeutics; Formulation, fabrication, and characterization of heparin-loaded sutures; The effects of surface chemistry on the uptake and biodistribution of novel biodegradable double-walled nanospheres; Investigation of Dexamethasone and Noggin treatment on human and porcine valve interstitial cells for clinical application in a novel suture drug delivery system; Formulation, fabrication and characterization of protein-encapsulated sutures; Development and Optimization of an Oral Drug Delivery System for Inflammatory Bowel Disease; Insulin Gene Delivery for Diabetes Mellitus; Micro- and Nanosphere-based Polymeric Drug Delivery of Proteins and Hydroophobic/Hydrophilic Drugs