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Kathleen Morrow

Kathleen Morrow

Associate Professor of Psychiatry & Human Behavior (Research) and Associate Professor of Behavioral & Social Sciences

Department: Department of Psychiatry & Human Behavior and Brown University School of Public Health

Phone: +1 401 793 8180

Email: Kathleen_Morrow@Brown.EDU

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4001-793 8180;

Research Summary

My research team studies vaginal microbicides and the role that user sensory perceptions, and experiences using those products, play in overall acceptability and adherence to product use. Project LINK explores vaginal gel use, while Project MIST explores both gels and vaginal films. We use both qualitative and quantitative methods in our research.

Past or Present Projects Available:

Project LINK: Exploring the correspondence between user perceptions/experiences of vaginal microbicides and their physicochemical and rheological properties

Project MIST: Exploring the role of vaginal gel and film properties in sensory perceptions and experiences of users and their partners

Project MAPLE: Understanding how the biomechanical properties of intravaginal rings impact delivery method acceptability