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Douglass Morse

Douglass Morse

Hermon Carey Bumpus Professor Emeritus of Biology and Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Department: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Phone: +1 401 863 3152

Email: D_Morse@Brown.EDU

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Walter Hall, Room 304 - 863-3152

Research Summary

Behavioral ecology: interests focus on the relationship between foraging theory, sexual selection, and lifetime fitness.

Past or Present Projects Available:

Caterpillars and their interactions with parasitoid wasps; The effect of experience on the foraging performance of crab spiders; The life history of male crab spiders, Misumena vatia; The effect of aging on the reproductive success of male crab spiders; Hunting behavior by female crab spiders on different species of flowers; Foraging patch choice by male crab spiders; Determining the impetus for winter migration by wolf spiders; Are male spiders under indirect sexual selection pressures?: Use of drag lines by male crab spiders; The effect of birth weight on prey capture; The fern moth's plant choices over its lifetime and its success on each; Investigating the characteristics of male swarms at female emergence sites of texanus alabagrus; Mate searching behavior in male Alabagus Texanus of female emergence sites to determine if they display knowledge of female distribution in the field; Caterpillar nest-making behavior; manipulation of environment or parasite protection; Leaf shelter construction in lepidoptera: Parasitism; Multiple Female Mate Choice Strategies in a Parasitoid Wasp, Alabagrus Texanus; Determining the function of ant spines; Effects of Induced Plant Defense on Parasitoid Fitness Across Host Development; Frenemies: Conflict and Cooperation in the Burying Beetle Nicrophorus Investigator