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Maureen Phipps

Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Professor of Epidemiology

Department: Chair, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Epidemiology

Phone: +1 401 274 1122 ext:2834

Email: Maureen_Phipps@Brown.EDU

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Women & Infants - 274-1122 x1575

Research Summary

Interest in improving health for vulnerable female populations--adolescent pregnancy, pregnancy outcomes, postpartum depression, prenatal care, contraception, and reducing disparities

Past or Present Projects Available:

National Children’s Study, a study involving the recruitment of women during pregnancy to follow children from before birth through 21 years of age. The study aims to understand the influence of the environment and genetics on children’s health and development.

Project REACH—Preventing Postpartum Depression in Adolescent Mothers. This study aims to evaluate an intervention during pregnancy to prevent postpartum depression in adolescent mothers.

Rhode Island Task Force on Preterm Birth. This task force involves a broad and diverse team of people committed to preventing morbidity and mortality associated with preterm birth. The task force members include participants from the Alpert Medical School of Brown University faculty, hospital staffs, the department of health, the department of education, Rhode Island insurers, community practitioners, children’s advocacy groups and other community-based groups.