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David Rand

David Rand

Professor of Biology

Department: Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Phone: +1 401 863 2890

Phone 2: +1 401 863 1063

Email: David_Rand@Brown.EDU

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Walter Hall, Room 202 - 863-2890

Research Summary

How the mitochondrial genome and its interactions with the nuclear genome influence animal performance, evolutionary fitness, and aging.

Past or Present Projects Available:

Interspecific and instraspecific competition between two invasive freshwater snails; mDNA (mitrochondrial DNA) length variation in D. Melanogaster, relative importance of selection and mutation in determining the frequencies of the different lengths; Molecular phylogeny of the genus Lanis; Cytonuclear genetics of an experimental population of D. Melangoster; A computer simulation of mitochondrial DNA evolution; Mitochondrial and metabolic evolution in experimental populations of D. melanogaster; Examining seagull and tern phylogeny using mitrochondrial sequence distance comparisons; Drosophila: Neurological defects in mtDNA NOVEL strains; Population genetics and the rapid evolution of pollulation tolerance in fundulus heteroclitus; The molecular mechanisms of metabolic response to starvation and desication in Drosophila; Thermal persistence in E. coli and the heat shock response; Determining the function of ant spines; Frenemies: Conflict and Cooperation in the Burying Beetle Nicrophorus Investigator; Environmental Stressors Modify Nuclear-Mitochondrial Interaction in D. melanogaster; Mitochondrial Genetics of Physiological Stress in Drosophila; MicroArray Analysis Toolkit