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Jonathan Reichner

Jonathan Reichner

Professor of Surgery (Research)

Department: Bio Med Surgery

Phone: +1 401 444 8683

Email: Jonathan_Reichner@Brown.EDU

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Phone: 444 8683

Research Summary

Role of CR3 as a Pattern Recognition Receptor --
Neutrophils bind to B-glucan which is a cell wall component of infectious microorganisms including fungi. Since glucan does not occur in mammals, B-glucan provides a recognition system for the immune system to distinguish a pathogen from self.

Chemotaxis: How Migrating Neutrophils Acquire a Sense of Direction --
To determine how beta-glucan increases the directional movement of human neutrophils.

Past or Present Projects Available:

The effects of beta-glucan on sepsis; Hypothalamic Control of Energy Intake and Expenditure: The Effect of Sirt1 on Prohormone Convertases