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James Simmons

James Simmons

Professor of Biology

Department: Neuroscience

Phone: +1 401 863 1542

Email: James_Simmons@Brown.EDU

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Sidney Frank Hall, Room 366 - 863-1542/3012

Research Summary

Bat echo location. Interested in understanding how the bat's sonar works and how the bat's brain makes sonar images. They make sounds, listen to echoes, and then see objects. To study echolocation, we go into the field and videotape bats using sonar for different purposes. These observations tell us in what situations bats use their sonar, and what sorts of sounds they use. If we know where the objects are in the videos, we can figure out what sounds get back to the bats.

Past or Present Projects Available:

Studies of echo location in the big brown bat; Echolocation in bats: perception of targets in clutter; Navigation by sonar in bats; Computational modeling of biological sonar: determining which model produces images of the targets that resemble bats' own perceived images; Role of harmonics in target ranging by bats