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Barbara Stonestreet

Professor of Pediatrics

Department: Pediatrics

Phone: (401) 274 - 1122 x47429

Phone 2: (401) 274-1122 x47403


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WIHRI - 401-274-1122 x7429;

Research Summary

The ontogeny and the effects of antenatal corticosteriod treatment on the tight junction proteins in fetal ovine cortex; Hypoxic-ischemic brain injury is the single most important neurologic problem in the prenatal period; Studies will provide the first direct evidence whether systemic cytokines cross the intact or injured fetal BBB and whether blocking the effects of cytokines with neutralizing antibodies protect the fetal neurovascular unit (BBB) and brain; New insights into novel strategies to prevent brain injury in the human fetus and/or premature infant; Hypoxic/ischemic brain injury in the infant; The effects of pro-inflammatory cytokines on ovine brain endothelial cells; Development of a reproducible, ovine-specific cytokine assay to determine the effect of brain ischemia on serum IL-6 and IL1B in a fetal ovine model.

Past or Present Projects Available:

Investigation of the regulation of tight junction proteins in the Blood-Brain Barrier upon induction of Hypoxic-Ischemia in the Ovine Fetus; Neuroprotective Role of IAIP in the Ovine Fetal Brain; Investigation of the Regulation of Tight Junction Proteins in the Blood-Brain Barrier upon Induction of Hypoxic-Ischemia in the Ovine Fetus; Effects of pro-inflammatory cytokine IL-6 on tight junction proteins of the blood-brain barrier and potential attenuation by anti-IL-6 neutralizing