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Laura Stroud

Laura Stroud

Associate Professor of Psychiatry/Human Behavior (Research)

Department: Bio Med Psychiatry & Human Behavior

Phone: +1 401 793 8194

Email: Laura_Stroud@Brown.EDU

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The Miriam Hospital - Phone: 793-8194

Research Summary

Interests include physiological responses to stress, biobehavioral mechanisms in nicotine dependence and sex differences in depression.

Past or Present Projects Available:

The analysis of cortisol response and brain reactivity in adolescents at risk for anxiety disorders; Adrenocortical stress reactivity and the emergence of sex differences in depression; Physiological changes that occur as stress responses in children; Smoking mothers and stress in their children; Anxiety and the stress response; Nature vs. nuture: investigating the role of maternal care quality and genetic varia in children and adolescent HPA axis response to laboratoroy-based stressors; Child stress lab: characterizing influence of pubertal status on responses to academic and social stress over the adolescent transition; Adolescent stress lab: characterizing influence of pubertal status on physiological and affective response to academic and social stresses over the adolescent transition; Impact of stress in pregnant mothers on maternal prenatal cortisol and fetal neurobehavior; Stress and depression in children and adolescents; Physiological responses to stress in adolescents; Physiological stress responses in ckhildren due to social activities and cues; Birth weight is associtaed with DNA promoter methylation of the glucocorticoid receptor in human placenta; The Effects of Prenatal Exposure to Caffeine on Fetal Neurobehavior; Child and Adolescent Physiological Stress Reactivity as a Function of Body Mass Index