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Marc Tatar

Marc Tatar

Professor of Biology

Department: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Phone: +1 401 863 3455

Email: Marc_Tatar@Brown.EDU

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Walter Hall, Room 208 - 863-3455

Research Summary

Life history evolution with an emphasis on Senescence. Proteomic analysis reveals potential regulation of casein kinase 2 by insulin/IGF signaling.

Past or Present Projects Available:

Characterization of CG9809: a possible D. melanogaster homologue to the transcriptional co-activator PGC-1; Characterization of dPGC, a mammalian transcriptional coactivator homologue regulating metabolism in D. melanogaster; A bug's life--the role of metabolic cates in senescence of melanoplus grasshoppers; InR's role in regulating D. melanogaster's life span and fecundity; Reproductive strategies of D. melanogaster males before, during and after overwintering;
Characterization and investigation of CG6770, a potential transcriptional inhibitor; Environmental Stressors Modify Nuclear-Mitochondrial Interaction in D. melanogaster