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Gary Wessel

Gary Wessel

Professor of Biology

Department: Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, & Biochemistry

Phone: +1 401 863 1051

Email: Gary_Wessel@Brown.EDU

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Sidney Frank Hall, Room 168 - 863-1051

Research Summary

Primordial germ cell development; Biology of multi-potent stem cells; Cell and molecular biology of fertilzalization.

Past or Present Projects Available:

The biology of cortical granules; The role of PLIO in purple sea urchin germ-line development; PL10 gene expression in the sea urchin, Stronglyocentrotus purpuratus; Conductance measurement of cell lysis as a reporter of toxin presence; Engineering staphyloccus epidermis to secrete high affinity histamine binding protein in response to changing levels of histamine due to allergic rhinitis; Computational Analysis of Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression during Olfactory Sensory Neuron Development in Mouse; A Gene Network Inference Tool; Perspectives and Recommendations on the Insurance Coverage of Preimplantation Diagnosis for Couples with Genetic Disease Risk; Development of Molecular Beacons for Real-Time Imaging in Live System Cells of Early Osteogenic and Adipogenic Markers; Paternal versus maternal expression in developing sea urchin interspecies hybrids; Mitochondrial Genetics of Physiological Stress in Drosophila