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Kristi Wharton

Kristi Wharton

Professor of Medical Science

Department: Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, & Biochemistry

Phone: +1 401 863 1951

Email: Kristi_Wharton@Brown.EDU

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Sidney Frank Hall, Room 370 - 863-1951

Research Summary

Role of growth factors and signal transduction in cell fate determination and differentiation during development; Drosophila developmental genetics.

Past or Present Projects Available:

Identification of new mutations in the 60A gene; Analysis of 60A function in embryogenesis; The role of BMP-related gene in Drosophila cell proliferation; Potential regulatory interactions between BMPs in the Drosophila imagiral disc; Potention regulatory interactions between BMPs in Drosophila endoderm specification; Rate of BMP isgnaling in growth regulation and aging; Sites of BMP signalling important in regulating cell and organization; Investigating the negative regulation of dpp in response to BMP signaling in D. melanogaster wing development; The Role of TGF-P/Activin signaling in border cell migration during Drosophila oogenesis