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Jon Witman

Jon Witman

Professor of Biology

Department: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Phone: +1 401 863 3936

Email: Jon_Witman@Brown.EDU

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Walter Hall, Room 204 - 863-3936

Research Summary

Population and community ecology, oceanography, and marine biology. Understanding the dynamics of populations and communities living in marine hard substrate habitats.

Past or Present Projects Available:

The effect of guano on the rocky, intertidal community of Nahant, MA; Predation in the New England intertidal; The effect of regenerative and swimming speed on young of the year acquatic grayling metabolism and its socilogical significance; Effect of habitat fragmentation on marine ecosystems; Bottom-up effects of a large scale episodic recruitment of blue mussels in the Gulf of Maine; Eelgrass habitat size and species diversity relations; Analysis of relationship between regional and local species diversity of phylogenetic group and dispersal mechanism; The impact of flow on predation rates of marine predators; Observations of a la Nina 2007-08 bleaching: The fate of discrete Pocillopora coral and their associated megafauna at three Galapagos upwelling sites; Refugia and top-down control of the pencil urchin Eucidaris Galapaguensis in the Galapogos Marine Reserve; Multiple Female Mate Choice Strategies in a Parasitoid Wasp, Alabagrus Texanus; Modeling the resilience of marine communities in the Galapagos Marine Reserve; Population ecology of the marine gastropod Hexaplex princeps in the Galapagos Islands; The tropic role of sea stars in the Galapagos Marine Reserve