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Anatoly Zhitkovich

Anatoly Zhitkovich

Professor of Medical Science

Department: Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Phone: +1 401 863 2912

Email: Anatoly_Zhitkovich@Brown.EDU

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70 Ship Street, Room 507 - 863-2912

Research Summary

Characterization of molecular mechanisms responsible for toxicity and DNA-damaging activity of carcinogenic chemicals.

Past or Present Projects Available:

Toxic responses to mixtures of environmental carcinogens cadmium (II) and chromium (VI); DNA damage by hexaulent chromium and glutathione; Effect of cadmium and chromium co-exposure and its effect on chromium cytotoxicity in renal cells; Effects of mismatch repair shRNA silencing on efficacy of chemotherapeutics; Hypoxia-induced genomic instability; Endothelial regulation of NSCLC