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Mark Zimmerman

Associate Professor of Psychiatry & Human Behavior

Department: Psychiatry & Human Behavior

Phone: +1 401 444 7098

Email: Mark_Zimmerman@Brown.EDU

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401-277-0724 -

Research Summary

Director of the MIDAS Project (Rhode Island Methods to Improve Diagnostic Assessment and Services), a clinical-research program in the outpatient division of the Rhode Island Hospital Department of Psychiatry. The project includes the study of diagnosis, assessment and outcome in routine clinical psychiatric practice. In addition to traditional research duties such as data entry, students will also have an opportunity to observe diagnostic evaluations of psychiatric patients presenting to the practice if their schedule allows them. They would have direct contact with psychologists, psychiatrists, and researchers.

Past or Present Projects Available:

*Our research database is vast and comprehensive, allowing for students to test research hypotheses related to psychiatric disorders.