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Jeffrey Morgan

Jeffrey Morgan

Professor of Medical Science and Engineering CoDirector Center for Biomedical Engineering

Department: Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology & Biotechnology

Phone: +1 401 863 9879

Email: Jeffrey_Morgan@Brown.EDU

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BioMed Center, Room 399 - 863-9879

Research Summary

Tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, self-assembly of 3D microtissues, percutaneous devices and skin tissue engineering.

Past or Present Projects Available:

A novel 3D cell culture method for growing breast cancer cells; Quantitative assessment of te role of cell motility on aggregate self-assembly through the analysis of inducible RKIP engineered cell lines; Novel method for creating cell aggregates on a non-adhesive hydrogel; Development of a novel anoikis assay using non adhesive micromolded hydrogol technology; Antimicrobial properties of bioactive silver by delivery via novel metal-polymer hybrid surface coatings; Regulated IGF-1 delivery using tetracycline-induced micro encapsulated cells; Infants' abilities to understand English when exposed to monolingual or bilingual environments