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Tara White

Tara White

Assistant Professor

Department: Behavioral and Social Sciences

Phone: +1 401 863 6625

Email: Tara_White@Brown.EDU

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Alcohol & Addiction-121 S. Main Street - 863-6625/6647

Research Summary

Biological bases of personality and temperament, and is interested in the differences between people in effects of alcohol and drugs on mood, behavior, and brain function.

The White Lab investigates the neural basis of individual differences in emotion and drug effects using fMRI, monoamine challenge, and validated laboratory assessments of temperament, affect and behavior. Our primary goals are to understand 1) the neural foundation of specific temperament traits in humans and 2) the mechanisms underlying vulnerability and resilience to substance use, misuse, and addiction in otherwise healthy populations.

Past or Present Projects Available:

Interested in working with students for BIOL 1950/1960.

-drug and alcohol effects on mood, behavior and brain function, neurobiology and temperament