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Amy Salisbury

Amy Salisbury

Associate Professor of Pedicatrics (Research)

Department: Bio Med Pediatrics


Phone 2: +1 401 453 7640

Email: Amy_Salisbury@Brown.EDU

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Women and Infants' Hospital - 401-453-7960

Research Summary

Examines prenatal and postnatal neurobehavioral development within a larger biopsychosocial framework. Research team have developped an organized method of assessing fetal neurobehavior, "Fetal Neurobehavior Coding System," studying the effects of fetal exposure to maternal depression, anxiety, antipressant medications, opiates and maternal smothing.

Past or Present Projects Available:

"Fetal and Infant Response to SRI" studying the potential effects of depression during pregnancy and antidepressant medication used on the fetus and newborn; Examines clinical course of newborns' symptoms after birth and 30 days; Predictors of motor and cognitive development at 18 months; The Effects of Prenatal Exposure to Caffeine on Fetal Neurobehavior