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John E. Donahue

John E. Donahue

Associate Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Department: Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Phone: +1 401 444 4000

Email: John_Donahue@Brown.EDU

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RIH - 444-7968 - 593 Eddy St. (APC 12115) Pathology

Research Summary

The effect of apoE genotype on blood-brain barrier permeability. Potential interactions of modified permeability and transport functions. It is important to functionally "dissect" the pathophysiological factors in the breakdown of the BBB in diseases such as AD. By analyzing these parameters as a function of aging, it may be possible to ascertain some of the initial factors which destabilize the BBB and lead to Aβ retention in the central nervous system (CNS).

Past or Present Projects Available:

Relationship between Apolipoprotein E Genotype and Blood-Brain Barrier Amyloid Transport; Effects of apolipoprotein E genotype on blood-brain barrier integrity and permeability