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Alexander Brodsky

Alexander Brodsky

Assistant Professor of Medical Science

Department: Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, & Biochemistry



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70 Ship Street, Room 405 - 863-2936

Research Summary

Systems of biology of post-transcriptional regulation, steroid hormone control of cancer; Using integrated genomics to identify regulators of ovarian metastasis

Past or Present Projects Available:

siRNA screen for kinases affecting cellular localization of GAPDH, G6PD and LDH; Functional genomics of a hormone regulated apoptosis; PCR analysis of alternative splicing; PCR analysis of DNA looping; Bioinformatics analysis of microarray data; High-throughput cell-based screening of cDNA and siRNA libraries; Functional genomic screening of cellular localization; Factors affecting nuclear translocation of metabolic enzymes; Nuclear hormone receptors in regulating Ovarian cancer cell growth and death; Nuclear hormone receptors in Ovarian cancer; LXR signaling mediates chemotherapy efficacy in Ovarian cancer cells; Liver X receptor mediates drug efficacy in Ovarian cancer; The Role of miRNAs in Ovarian Cancer Metastasis