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Carl Saab

Carl Saab

Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery and Assistant Professor of Neuroscience

Department: Neurosurgery & Neuroscience

Phone: +1 401 444 4290


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RI Hospital - 401-444-4290 or 5756;

Research Summary

Mechanisms of long-term changes in the nervous system caused by chronic pain and approaches to reverse these changes. These include identification of molecular and cellular pathways in the CNS, targets for pharmacological and technological interventions for neuromodulation. Experiments include the use of animal models, behavioral testing, electrophysiology, immunohistochemistry, Western, and microscopy.

Past or Present Projects Available:

Examples of past Honors Thesis projects:
-Colitis Induces Pain, Neuro-Inflammation and Neuro-Hyperexcitability in the Spinal Cord Via Purinergic Receptors
-Spinal microglia as a novel target for the treatment of colitis-induced visceral pain
-Modulation Of Nociception via Minocycline Administration in the Thalamus
-Deep Brain Stimulation in the Modulation of Chronic Pain

Examples of future projects:
-Spinal molecular and cellular pathways of colitis
-Deep brain stimulation and pain: Improving device technology for diagnosis and therapy
-Brain abnormalities and chronic pain: Identifying glial contribution