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Basilis Gidas

Basilis Gidas

Professor of Applied Mathematics

Department: Applied Mathematics

Phone: +1 401 863 1480

Phone 2: +1 401 863 2358

Email: gidas@DAM.Brown.EDU

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Location: 863-1480

Research Summary

1) Developing Statistical/Probabilistics and Informatics tools/algorithms for studying various Computational Biology tasks, especially: (a) (Phospho-Proteomics) modelling signal transduction pathways on the basis of MS/MSdata, (b) infering gene networks from microarray data, (c) determining protein 3-D structure via hierarchical/syntactic models.
2) The underpinning frameowrk for studying the above problems in computational biology, has been motivated by, and has a great deal of similarity to, our research in high-level Computer Vision tasks -- especially ""object recognition"".

Past or Present Projects Available:

* Dynamic Programming and Monte carlo computational algorithms for computer vision tasks
* Hierarchical/syntactic models for speech recognition
Potential future:
* Analysis of MS/MS data
* Signal Transductuctions pathways modelling
* Analysis of Microarrays data amd gene networks"