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Dov Sax

Dov Sax

Associate Professor

Department: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology & Center for Environmental Studies

Phone: +1 401 863 9676


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Phone: 401 863-9676

Research Summary

My research on species invasions spans from local-scale studies on exotic species impacts to broad patterns of invasions across entire continents and on islands worldwide. My climate change research focuses on how species will shift their geographic distributions with changing conditions.

Past or Present Projects Available:

How ant species richness has changed on oceanic islands; Biotic homogenization on oceanic islands; Bird species invasions, native decline and ride overlap: examining the relationships; Plant invasion patterns in the Pacific Northwest; A biogeographical study of sharks; Comparing the effects of exotic and native dominant emergent plans on wetland communities; Below ground decomposition of the salt marsh cordgrass Spartina alterniflora across the latitudinal gradient; Developing Strategies for Effective implementation of Managed Relocation