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Bahar Bilgen

Bahar Bilgen

Assistant Professor of Orthopaedics (Research)

Department: Orthopaedics

Phone: +1 401 444 2999

Phone 2: +1 401 444 4485


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401-444-2999 x4485

Research Summary

Develop a transplantable biocomposite to restore cartilage of traumatized joints using tissue-engineering techniques. These techniques include the use of autologous adult stem cells, encapsulated drug delivery and biomaterial development. A functional biocomposite will be created for cartilage regeneration, which uses a synovial cell source and a controlled growth factor delivery system.

Past or Present Projects Available:

Opening in spring semester laboratory for student volunteers interested in learning more about cartilage tissue engineering. Would require about 10 hours per week volunteering through spring and positions are available in the summer months for the same student to continue research. Study the effects of biochemical biophysical stimuli on cells and tissues. (Also project on design and characterization of a biomaterial for cartilage tissue engineering.)