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Rachel Altura

Rachel Altura

Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Department: Bio Med Pediatrics

Phone: +1 401 444 2502


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Research Summary

Understanding the molecular mechanisms of cancer biology and chemotherapy resistance in both pediatric and adult cancers. Through collaborations with Rhode Island Hospital,examining the oncogenic pathways that involve the anti-apoptotic protein, Survivin in tumor and normal cells. Determined that Survivin is post-translationally modified by acetylation and are characterizing the function of the modified protein in cell lines and primary human tumors.

Past or Present Projects Available:

>Examine the effect of survivin inhibitors in pediatric and adult tumor cells
>Determine the role of rapamycin in survivin pathways in pediatric neuroblastoma tumors
>Proliferation and cell death of lymphoblasts harboring a survivin mutation
>Role of the growth factor EGF on survivin-pathways in pancreatic beta cells

>Potential project- proteomic analysis of neuroblastoma tumor cells