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Elizabeth Didie

Elizabeth Didie

Clinical Assistant Professor

Department: Psychiatry & Human Behavior

Phone: 401-787-3219


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The Warren Albert Medical School - 444-9882

Research Summary

Dr. Didie’s clinical and research background is in disorders of body image—specifically BDD, obesity, bulimia, and binge eating disorder. Her current clinical and research focus includes developing new treatments for BDD, interpersonal and cognitive-behavioral therapies for BDD, and understanding the interface between eating disorders and BDD.

Past or Present Projects Available:

1) Severity of interpersonal problems in individuals with body dysmorphic disorder

2) Interpersonal problems and history of childhood abuse and neglect in body dysmorphic disorder

3) Social rejection sensitivity in individuals with body dysmorphic disorder

4) Sociocultural influence on the development of negative body image in adolescents