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Aris Garro

Aris Garro

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics

Department: Emergency Medicine, Division of Pediatrics



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Telephone: 401-444-6680; Email:

Research Summary

Research involves investigating brief interventions to improve disease management for children with asthma after an emergency department visit.

Past or Present Projects Available:

>Past projects have included a Brown undergraduate honors thesis on the epidemiology of children visiting emergency departments with first time wheezing and "Parental Perception, Symptom Variability and Parental Distress in Pediatric Asthma"; "Barriers in Medicine: Patient and Physician Partnership Expectations"

>Current undergraduate projects include adaptation of the Pediatric Asthma Control and Communication Instrument into an English and Spanish version to be used in the emergency department.
>Future projects include a qualitative analysis of the needs of families of children with asthma using interviews with patient advocates.