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Nicole McLaughlin

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry & Human Behavior (Research)

Department: Psychiatry & Human Behavior

Phone: +1 401 455 6608


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Research Summary

Lab interested in the neural mechanisms of change after treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder. The majority of my research focuses on change after neurosurgical interventions (deep brain stimulation, ablative surgery) for severe OCD.

Past or Present Projects Available:

Learning and Recall of Safety Signals in OCD; Neurobehavioral Symptoms of Inpatients with Parkinson's Disease; Olfaction in Dementia; Feedback-based learning and decision making in OCD

Potential Future Projects:
- Neuroimaging of Capsulotomy in OCD
- Neuropsychological Predictors of Outcome in Cingulotomy for OCD and Depression