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Eric Goldlust

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

Department: Emergency Medicine

Phone: (401) 366-0021


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Research Summary

Visits to emergency departments (EDs) are increasing at triple the rate of the US population. Despite this, and despite recommendations, there are few proven solutions to the problems of ED patient throughput. My research involves investigation of various solutions, including 'Team Triage' (initiation of care before an ED bed is available), 'Rapid Disposition' (completion of care for low-acuity patients directly from the triage area), and 'Pull til Full' (triage bypass when beds are available). My current focus is on the use of Discrete Event Simulation as a hypothesis-testing instrument for these solutions, as well as national surveys of care practices. Past works have included a randomized, blinded, controlled trial of electro-acupuncture compared with inferior alveolar nerve block for tooth extractions.

Past or Present Projects Available:

Projects include development of Discrete Event Simulation models (computer models of patient flow), design and analysis of surveys regarding methods in ED operations, and design of process interventions to improve patient flow, relieve crowding and manage medical disasters.

Secondary projects include the use of acupuncture for pain control in acute and chronic disease.

Directed medical students, as well as a student in systems engineering, and am a passionate believer in cross-disciplinary mentorship. Also encourage students interested in Public Health (e.g., Health Services Administration), Biostatistics, and Emergency Medicine to contact me.