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Beatrice Lechner

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Department: Pediatrics

Phone: +1 401 274 1122

Email: Beatrice_Lechner@Brown.EDU

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Women & Infants' - 401-274-1122 x7438;

Research Summary

Interested in developing novel approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of preterm birth. Specifically, we have developed a mouse model of preterm birth based on the genetic ablation of the proteoglycans biglycan and decorin and are utilizing it to discover novel mechanisms leading to preterm birth.

Past or Present Projects Available:

The influence of biglycan and decorin expression on matrix metalloprotease (MMP) activity and its implications for preterm birth.

Fetal membrane morphology in the biglycan/decorin double knockout mouse compared to the wild-type.

Future projects may include:

The contribution of biglycan and decorin to fetal membrane biomechanical functions.

A gene-environment interaction preterm birth model: Inflammation compounding the underlying genetic defect in pregnant biglycan/decorin knockout mice.

TGF-beta signaling pathway interactions with biglycan and decorin and its implications for preterm birth.