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Eric Darling

Eric Darling

Assistant Professor of Medical Science

Department: Bio Med Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology & Biotechnology

Phone: +1 401 863 6818


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BMC - Room 397, 863-6818

Research Summary

The Darling Lab conducts research in cell mechanics, mesenchymal stem cell differentiation, and musculoskeletal tissue regeneration. Its primary focus is on understanding the interaction between cell/tissue mechanical properties and their biological functions. Major research tracks in the lab include single-cell mechanical characterization via atomic force microscopy and live-cell, gene expression analysis via molecular beacons.

Past or Present Projects Available:

Development of Molecular Beacons for Real-Time Imaging in Live Cells of Early Osteogenic and Adipogenic Biomarkers; High-Throughput, Quantitative Measurement of MG-63 Osteosarcoma Cells; Investigation of Molecular Beacon Technology for the Development of a Novel Melanoma Diagnostic Assay; Examining Live-Cell Traction Forces in Stem Cells during Osteogenic Differentiation; NMR and MR Imaging of Gene Expression in Live Cells via Fluorine-19 Molecular Beacons; Fabrication of Mechanically Compliant Cell Mimics Using Droplet Technology