Doing Research at Brown

The Program in Biology's research facilities encourage discovery and innovation by providing state-of-the-art equipment and resources.

From cutting-edge instrumentation to intensive professional development opportunities, Brown's research infrastructure supports the faculty and students who are pushing the boundaries of science.

The Office of BioMed Research Administration supports faculty, staff, and students in the Division of Biology and Medicine as they pursue research, training, and other scholarly activities. 
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Judy A. Kimberly, PhD, provides evaluation consultation, guidance and oversight for research programs and projects. Services include evaluation planning, design, and tool development. 

Pamela Swiatek, PhD, MBA directs the preparation and submission of large multi-institutional grant proposals on behalf of the Division of Biology and Medicine.

Audra Van Wart, PhD, leads the development and management of a variety of programs for graduate and postdoctoral training, as well as programs to enhance physician scientist research career development.

Additional Resources

Advance Clinical Translational Research

The Advance CTR partnership among Brown University and other area universities and hospitals aims to support and educate Rhode Island researchers.

Center for Animal Resources and Education (CARE)

CARE is dedicated to supporting the education and research mission of Brown University, while maintaining compliance with federal, state and institutional regulations, guidelines, and policies.