Innovation & Industry Engagement

Research at Brown is grounded in a culture of collaboration that fosters partnerships with other universities, labs, and industry leaders.

For Industry Partners

The Warren Alpert Medical School is forging strategic partnerships to help turn discoveries made in its labs into treatments and cures for the patients who need them.

The final step in the translational science continuum is creating drugs, diagnostic tests, devices or other applications based on the basic science and clinical discoveries made in our labs. The Warren Alpert Medical School partners with industry and supports the creation of start-up companies that will help commercialize research products.

We work closely with Brown's office for Brown Technology Innovations and urge interested parties to connect with us through BTI.

Brown Technology Innovations

For Brown Inventors

Our team provides three main services for Brown inventors ready to embark on commercial pathways for their research.

  1. Sponsored research agreements (SRA) - company funding to support specific research in your lab
  2. Intellectual property (IP) Licenses and License options - create IP protections and explores commercial applications
  3. Start-up resources - facilitate networking with investors and link faculty to business accelerator programs like our internal accelerator, Brown Biomedical Innovations to Impact (BBII)

The following short video describes these services in more detail.


Andrew Bond, PhD

Andrew Bond, PhD
Senior Director of Business Development

Phone: (401) 863-6005


Brown Biomedical Innovations to Impact (BBII)

BBII fosters faculty entrepreneurship, from discovery to development to commercial viability.